Notice: Undefined variable: argc in /var/www/cd/diccionarios/convertVocUru.php on line 49 convertVocUru.php converts the Vocabulario Uru (Uchumataqu) by Kajta Hannss (2013) to be used in StarDict, GoldenDict and SimiDic and generates an HTML version of the vocabulary that can be edited later for print publication. The script creates 10 TAB files (ES-URU, EN-URU, FR-URU, DE-URU and URU-ES for both Pango and HTML markup) and creates IFO files for each one. Then, it calls StarDict’s tabfile utility to create the electronic dictionaries. After running this script, use SimiDic-Builder to create the SimiDic dictionaries. To call this program: php convertVocUru.php VOCABULARIO-URU.html For help: php convertVocUru.php -h VOCABULARIO-URU.html is the filename of the Vocabulario Uru which has been converted to HTML. Before running this script, open the Vocabulario Uru with LibreOffice/OpenOffice Calc and go to File > Export and save it as XHTML. This option will preserve the notes. Saving it as normal HTML, won’t preserve the notes. The script will strip out all HTML tags in the definitions. Text between #...# will be superposed, text between $...$ will be placed in cursive and text between @...@ will be underlined. Then it will convert the text to Pango for StarDict and HTML for GoldenDict and SimiDic. Requirements: Assuming that using a Linux machine with UTF-8 default character set and PHP5 installed. StarDict’s tools need to be installed, which includes the tabfile program.